Motion Free is available as a cream, and like all the topical ointments and creams, it`s applied on the skin to reduce pain, discomfort and inflammation conditions such as arthritis and allergic skin conditions.

Using Motion Free cream allows you to apply for medicine directly to the inflamed region of your skin.

However, contrary to ointments, creams are less greasy and are most preferred when your skin is weepy or moist, though they can still be used on dry skin.

When using Motion Free, it`s recommended that the application should be fully compliant with the instructions included in the product package.

While at it, the most important thing to remember with Motion Free and any other topical cream is that you should apply them thinly, and this should help in minimizing the amount absorbed through the skin into the body.

Motion Free, in particular, is extremely economical, as a little of the cream goes a long way in alleviating your condition. The formula is easy to spread on your skin, and you`ll have to use a thin layer, so it`s absorbed into the skin effectively.

Before we look at the step by step guide on how to apply Motion Free, I would like to put across a disclaimer.

Though this cream has immediate effects, your disease or condition will not disappear overnight. In any case, it will take the regular application of the cream on the affected area to optimize the effects.

If the disease is at a much later stage or the pain is too severe and persistent, your treatment should then be long-lasting.

The procedure of Using Motion Free

Now, let`s look at the step by step guide on how to use Motion Free:

  • If you`re using the cream for the first time, you may find the end of the tube sealed once you take off the cap. Sealing is done to preserve the integrity of the cream. To access the cream, you can pierce the seal by inverting the cap of the tube and pushing it into the end of the tube.
  • Anyone looking to maximize the positive effects of this balsam should ensure that the skin in the affected region is well cleaned, and traces of soap or cleaner rinsed away before drying.
  • Pat the affected region as opposed to rubbing it
  • Gently apply the cream thinly and evenly to the affected region. The proper way of applying Motion Free is through gentle circular motion over the affected part
  • Once you`ve applied the cream, gently massage the affected skin until all the cream disappears. Do not disturb the affected region after applying the cream, and let it work, until it`s fully absorbed.
  • You can repeat this process 2-4 times a day, depending on the severity of your pain or discomfort.
  • Replace the cap on the tube
  • Unless your hands are the affected area, ensure that you wash them thoroughly after the entire process

How Much of Motion Free Should I Use?

As we saw earlier, Motion Free is economical and effective, even when used in small amounts.

To apply Motion Free “thinly” you`ll need to measure the amount squeezed by a fingertip unit.

A fingertip unit refers to distance between the tip to the first crease of an adult finger, and you should this unit as the standard amount.