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5 Things your Joint Pain is Trying to Tell You

You are probably a little too familiar with joint pain, but less so with the outlier conditions that cause the pain (it’s not always arthritis and osteoarthritis).

However, many other things can contribute to joint ache; here are 5 to think about:

  • Allergy to your Medication

Meds are designed to treat you.

However, there are some types, particularly antibiotics like penicillin that could cause a reaction that will fuel your agony.

What these meds do is they trigger an inflammatory antibody response, and this might cause pain to the joint.

However, unlike other causes, the effects of reaction to meds is manifested all over the body and frequently accompanied by skin rashes, GI irritation and eyes becoming red.

  • Gout

Gout is a painful condition that is caused by the build-up of uric acid, which later forms crystals that cause inflammation in your joints.

Gout is usually associated with a big toe- and that’s it where it usually strikes first, but it can also develop in other areas of the body.

Though gout is commonly associated with men, women are prone too, especially after menopause.

Along with your symptoms, a physician will draw the fluid and check for the uric crystals to confirm a diagnosis.

  • Sarcoidosis

Your body has an auto-defensive mechanism that keeps off the invaders trying to make you sick.

However, if you have sarcoidosis arthritis, aka iMove for joint pain, an inflammatory condition, there is a break in the defensive mechanism. Instead, the immune cells start to form clusters in different organs and this results in a myriad of conditions such as fever, fatigue, and wheezing.

  • Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is an inflammatory response in the central nervous system which sends signals of pain in the body.

This condition is more common in women than in men and is believed to be caused by stress.

  • Bone cancer

Who though joint pain could be an indicator of bone cancer?

Though the chances are quite slim, you cannot ignore the fact that you develop it.

Pain in the bones is a classic symptom of bone cancer, and it usually worsens night time or when you are active.

The joint pain associated with bone cancer is similar to the pain that would feel if you have arthritis and therefore, you should not fear for the worst.


Above are some of the things that joint pain might be telling you. However, as we have seen, most of the conditions usually overlap, and you should never make a diagnosis without professionals approval.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Apply Motion Free

Motion Free is available as a cream, and like all the topical ointments and creams, it`s applied on the skin to reduce pain, discomfort and inflammation conditions such as arthritis and allergic skin conditions.

Using Motion Free cream allows you to apply for medicine directly to the inflamed region of your skin.

However, contrary to ointments, creams are less greasy and are most preferred when your skin is weepy or moist, though they can still be used on dry skin.

When using Motion Free, it`s recommended that the application should be fully compliant with the instructions included in the product package.

While at it, the most important thing to remember with Motion Free and any other topical cream is that you should apply them thinly, and this should help in minimizing the amount absorbed through the skin into the body.

Motion Free, in particular, is extremely economical, as a little of the cream goes a long way in alleviating your condition. The formula is easy to spread on your skin, and you`ll have to use a thin layer, so it`s absorbed into the skin effectively.

Before we look at the step by step guide on how to apply Motion Free, I would like to put across a disclaimer.

Though this cream has immediate effects, your disease or condition will not disappear overnight. In any case, it will take the regular application of the cream on the affected area to optimize the effects.

If the disease is at a much later stage or the pain is too severe and persistent, your treatment should then be long-lasting.

The procedure of Using Motion Free

Now, let`s look at the step by step guide on how to use Motion Free:

  • If you`re using the cream for the first time, you may find the end of the tube sealed once you take off the cap. Sealing is done to preserve the integrity of the cream. To access the cream, you can pierce the seal by inverting the cap of the tube and pushing it into the end of the tube.
  • Anyone looking to maximize the positive effects of this balsam should ensure that the skin in the affected region is well cleaned, and traces of soap or cleaner rinsed away before drying.
  • Pat the affected region as opposed to rubbing it
  • Gently apply the cream thinly and evenly to the affected region. The proper way of applying Motion Free is through gentle circular motion over the affected part
  • Once you`ve applied the cream, gently massage the affected skin until all the cream disappears. Do not disturb the affected region after applying the cream, and let it work, until it`s fully absorbed.
  • You can repeat this process 2-4 times a day, depending on the severity of your pain or discomfort.
  • Replace the cap on the tube
  • Unless your hands are the affected area, ensure that you wash them thoroughly after the entire process

How Much of Motion Free Should I Use?

As we saw earlier, Motion Free is economical and effective, even when used in small amounts.

To apply Motion Free “thinly” you`ll need to measure the amount squeezed by a fingertip unit.

A fingertip unit refers to distance between the tip to the first crease of an adult finger, and you should this unit as the standard amount.

5 Advantages of Detoxic Over Other “Remedies”

Health is priceless, and for this reason, people are willing to go to great measures and use whatever resources they have, to ensure that they regain normalcy and their health back.

And for this reason, it’s not a surprise that the health domain is flooded with products, all tailored to fight parasites and improve the health of the users.

Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of the dire need for health products to create substandard health products that do not deliver the results as expected.

In the detox domain, for instance, we have hundreds if not thousands of supplements that all claim to help in detoxifying your body, but all in vain.

The good thing, however, is that there are products which have built a solid reputation over the past few years in delivering the detox needs as expected. 

One such product is Detoxic Indonesia.

What is Detoxic?

Detoxic is a natural supplement that will help in detoxifying the body and frees you from the germs, parasites, and worms in your body. 

It cleanses your body and rids it from any microorganisms that may result in health issues.

What’s more? Contrary to the regular detoxifiers, Detoxic can also be used as a preventive product to mitigate against the risk of an impending infection.

But there are also detox products that can do that as well. Sure, I agree, and this is why in the section below, we shall be looking at five properties that set Detoxic apart from the rest of the detoxifiers.

1) Detoxic has a pleasant taste: Let’s all agree, a majority of the medicines, particularly detoxifiers are not pleasant at all, and in most cases, they are bitter.

With the Detoxic, however, you get a supplement that will satiate even the most discerning taste buds. 

This is particularly handy for parents with kids as you will now not have a difficult time dosing them. One user says their little one is always eagerly waiting while reminding them to dose them.

2) Natural Ingredients: The presence of natural ingredients is a huge plus on the supplement.

Natural ingredients are known to be effective, and fast in delivering results.

3) No Side Effects: Still on natural ingredients, Detoxic is not associated with any harmful side effects. This is opposed to other products which are made with chemicals and artificial fillers, which in most cases have severely negative implications on the users.

4) OTC Drug: Detoxic is an Over The Counter Supplement that does not need any prescription.

This is to mean that you can get it anywhere, in the supermarket, local pharmacy, Amazon, or the manufactures website, without needing any prescription or documents.

5) Recommended by Experts: First, Detoxic has been manufactured in a clinically safe and sound environment by certified specialists. And more to this, it has the endorsement and recommendations from the leading health experts.

Now, those are five more reasons why you should purchase Detoxic over other supplements.

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